Do You Type with One Finger?

I play piano (very badly...probably more of a plink than a play...I had lessons as a child, does that count as playing? Perhaps that's why I was given headphones as a present...?) and all the drills and scales certainly helped with finger co-ordination when I came to learn to type.

I'm quite old so I learned to type on one of the old fashioned typewriters (the ones with an ink ribbon and a return lever) so typing on a modern keyboard is a breeze! What I'm trying to say is, my speed is good and I'm also a stickler for spelling. If a sign or an article or book is badly spelled, it's my Achille's heel so if spelling and typing aren't your strong point, I can definitely help you out!

Are Numbers Not Your Thing?

Receipts...are yours all over the place?

Have you been fined by HMRC because you've been late with your return?

Do you know what you can and can't claim for in your business?

Do you want a fairy Godmother to wave her magic wand and have all your books in order?   As long as there's no dressing up involved (I'll save that for weddings - or perhaps not, I was once a bridesmaid and had to wear a peach shiny number; not a good look even when they were in fashion) I'm happy to help with your receipts.

Viewings, Come Rain or Shine!

I've worked in Estate Agency and could tell a few funny stories;

  • the time I led a viewing and found a man asleep in bed, totally oblivious to the fact I was conducting a viewing and the viewers turned on the light and continued on!
  • the time I managed to somehow juggle a pen in my nervousness and send it catapulting down the front of my top (How, just how???) The young, good looking chap I was speaking to at the time kindly said 'Perhaps you'd like to retrieve the pen before we continue our conversation"...(I'll say!)
  • I do have one other funny story, but it's 'x' rated so I'll leave that one until I know you a bit better!

If your staff are away on holiday, off sick, on maternity, etc. and you need a bit of extra help, give me a call 07766-145068/complete the contact form/email me on


But How Much Will it Cost?

Less than the cost of taking on an employee and will be less stress for you, so weigh up the cost of your own well being v's your finances. You won't be paying me for coffee breaks, lunch breaks or my mediterranean holiday.

  • If I work in my own space, I charge £20/hour.
  • If I work in your space, I charge £15/hour.
  • If I travel on your behalf, I charge 40p/mile.


Let's Meet Over Coffee

Who doesn't love a good coffee...I'm a one-shot kind of a girl fact I've probably been to most coffee shops in Cornwall and many in Stratford-Upon-Avon (where I'm from and where I visit regularly) How about you?  Do you like coffee?


Next Steps...

Call Lorraine on 07766-145068 or complete the contact form/email and let me know how I can help you.