Our Approach

When the going gets tough, pick up the phone! Sometimes a little help is needed to get you through the day. Overwhelm is tricky and having an extra pair of hands (or legs) can make a huge difference.

Our Story

I once ran a fruit farm with my now Ex-Husband. We struggled to juggle our daily home life with our three kids plus running the farm and the overwhelm was a hugely key factor in the eventual failure of our marriage.

I soooooo wish I'd had someone to call on to help out without having to take on another employee (another worry; making sure we had another salary covered month the month). If I'd had someone I could pick up the phone to and fill in a gap when I needed help, who knows our marriage may have lasted!!

There's nothing worse than struggling on when you're exhausted. Take a break! Outsource! Your business is supposed to lead to freedom, not drudgery!

Call Lorraine now on 07766-145068 or fill in the contact form/email hello@lorrainefieldva.co.uk and give yourself a break!

Who am I?

Lorraine Field...

"With the ability to deal with given tasks with patience and care. A calm, thoughtful and good listener. Adaptable and the ability to create a unique and friendly environment. An effectiveness with people and people problems." ...or so goes a personality test I took recently.  I'd say that's about right. I like to make people feel comfortable and valued and I like to help wherever I can.
Outside work, my great passion is painting...whenever there's a paintbrush in my hand, I'm happy!

Lorraine Field

Lorraine Field

Virtual Assistant

My Mum told me hugging trees is good for the soul...I was out walking with my daughter in the woods when this photo was taken so I'm hoping it'll catch on...who knows?

Maybe by using the services of a VA you'll have more time to go out walking or whatever else you'd prefer to be doing!

Next Steps...

Go on...give me a call...what have you got to lose? Or fill in the contact form/email hello@lorrainefieldva.co.uk and give me further details of the kind of help you need.