Feel as though you're on a rollercoaster?

Head bursting?

Want a Fairy Godmother to magic it all away?

Get ad hoc help when you need it most.

Book as many hours as you need; a few hours a week, a month or a one-off block of hours. Let's talk! Give me a call or email me now. It's that simple!

Let me know what kind of help you need:-

  • Call Lorraine on 07766-145068
  • Fill in the contact form
  • Email hello@lorrainefieldva.co.uk


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Have specific days you have too much to handle?

Need back up?

Don't have time (or don't like) certain tasks?

Perhaps Tuesday (or Wednesday, or Thursday, etc. you get my drift..) is the day you know your workload increases so having some help would be relief.

Why wait? Get help now.


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  • Frustrated with your WordPress website? Can't figure it out?
  • Hate book keeping?
  • Can't type?

It's time to get organised!

It's the only way to succeed and if you don't like doing website stuff, admin or numbers, you now know someone who does!


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Brain Ache Hurts.

Does your head feel as though it's about to explode? I understand, I've been there!

I spent too many years juggling trying to run a business and raise three kids. I'd have loved to pick up the phone and yell 'Help!' when I needed it.

Running your own business is supposed to mean more freedom; no boss to answer to, no set rules to adhere to, work from wherever you choose, when you choose - but sometimes the workload is a nightmare, especially when you're just starting out.

Take the first step;

  • Call Lorraine on 07766-145068
  • Fill in the contact form
  • Or email hello@lorrainefieldva.co.uk)

I don't bite!

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Next Steps...

Are you tempted? Call Lorraine on 07766-145068, complete the contact form or email hello@lorrainefieldva.co.uk